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Many of you are looking for ways to make / return your practice to a busy and profitable success. Over the past 20 years, in both instances of starting my new clinics, I have tested various approaches, evaluated a multiplicity of equipment types and brands, brought PAIN FREE relief to thousands of patients, built huge practices and in consequence, I have become financially independent.

This second time it has only taken me 4 years – 4 years during the worst depression-like recession our country has ever faced. From this recent success I have developed programs, refined protocols and identified methodologies that could take your practice from 0 - 60 in record time.

What I now know has become a way to supercharge my business, making my clients so happy I constantly have to grow my space to accommodate new patients. I have developed a “practice safety net” – no matter national economic conditions, I have a workable solution.

I can show you how, for the past 4 years, I have a weekly averaged around 300 new patient calls, have seen as many as 125 new patients or more, and have collected up to $75,000.00! Weekly !

I can show you how I have become one of the country’s most successful in our profession, and how you can do the same. This is only a phone call away. With the same work ethic, you too can achieve financial success utilizing the tools, protocols and methodologies I'm offering. A few short taps on your phone and you can be on your way.

Call me Dr. John Meadors 801-369-9448 Office 801-414-8579 best days to call are Thursday afternoon or 9am-5pm any Fridays. Or Call My COO Tim Schwen at 801-414-8579  



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